A Truly Historical Day Out in London «

A Truly Historical Day Out in London

On a day out in London, do you want to
see, feel and experience the true history of this great city? It can be easy to
get sidetracked as there are so many museums and attractions on offer, but here
we outline the top choices for a historical day which links the past to the
present and will make it come alive for every visitor.

A good place to
start is the Jewel Tower which is one of only two buildings of the Palace of Westminster to survive the fire of 1834.
Tourists from all over the globe visit this 700-year-old building which was
originally built around 1364 to hold the treasures of King Edward ІІІ and was
know as the King’s Privy wardrobe.

Stay in
Westminster and see how the architecture of the city of Westminster is used in
current media and head to the Westminster
Abbey where Prince William and Kate Middleton will be wed this coming
April. Westminster Abbey is also in the press for its role in the recently
released film; The King’s Speech. A quintessentially British film with actors, Colin
Firth and Helena Bonham Carter playing the lead roles, it has also been
nominated for seven golden globes. One key section of this film is filmed in
the Abbey and the story is based on the true story King George VІ and his
personal battle with a speech impediment. This is an example of how the
settings of history can be mixed with the present making the royal stories of
the past come alive for the visitor.

One of the most
famous of the British monarchs is King Henry VІІІ. After all, who can forget
the tyrannical man that is discussed in the world’s history books? The
exhibition at Hampton
Court Palace,
King Henry’s home for many years challenges the views that people hold about
this member of the royal family. This exhibition entitled the ‘Young Henry
VІІІ’ shows that he was a handsome, well educated young man who loved sports,
amusement and merriment in his younger years. Through the use of multimedia and
interactive displays as well as impressive historic paintings from the Royal
Collection, it manages to capture the imagination of visitors as well as
showing another side to the King. Of course it doesn’t overlook his later life
when he famously married six times and changed the course of religion in Britain
forever. The curators of this exhibition have strived to show a balanced view
of the king and delve into the personal lives of his first wife Katherine of
Aragon and his personal alley (and chief minister) Thomas Wolsey.

The Abbey,
Hampton Court and the Jewel Tower will give you an insight into the city’s
royal past, but what about the ‘peasants’ that lived in the city? The London
Bridge Experience combined with the London Tombs gives visitors a spooky
perspective on some of the more harrowing parts of London’s history. London Bridge is an iconic
landmark not just for its design, it played a key part in the great fire and
now offers sensory experience for visitors to understand the life of the bridge
and all of those who lived around it. The former plague pit; The London Tombs
also features lots of ghostly surprises to keep you on your toes.

After the final
tour of the day, head over to Café Brood for a well earned rest and a truly
British cup of tea where you can ponder over the rich history of this
spectacular city.

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