Top 5 Places to Visit in Turkey «

Top 5 Places to Visit in Turkey


Istanbul is a true encounter of ancient Turkey. Hagia Sophia, the city’s most recognizable cultural site, stands as one of greatest examples of Byzantine architecture in the world.

There are many famous mosques in Istanbul to explore including Sulemaniye Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Yeni Mosque.

The Hippodrome, now home to several historical monuments, is used as the “town square” and is located in front of the Blue Mosque.

To get around Turkey, car hire in Istanbul is available from any number of locations. For real convenience, collect your car hire from Ataturk International Airport.


Ankara reflects contemporary Turkey as the nation’s capital city.

Anitkabir Museum, Hisar, Anatolian Civilizations museum are great places to learn about Turkey’s place in the world.

While the Aladdin Mosque, Ahi Elvan Mosque and Kocatepe Mosque offer an appreciation of Turkey’s religious roots.


Izmir is one of the oldest settlements of the Mediterranean basin and is famous for its Clock Tower, a beautiful marble tower that rests in the middle of the Konak district.

Izmir is an ideal holiday spot, best known for the white sand beaches of the Aegean which fill up during summer.


Cappadocia features some of the most enchanting landscapes in Turkey.

Witness the region’s rock formations, sculpted by wind and water erosion over thousands of years.

Urgup gives rise to the best nightlife in Cappadocia. The area specially caters to tourists who want to let their hair down after a day of exploring.

Kapali Carsi

Kapali Carsi is ideal for those who love to shop. There are more than 4000 shops to keep you busy.

There are so many wonderful moments to be had in Turkey; this is just a preview of what you’ll find.

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